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Gacha Life
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Gacha Life: Anime-Styled Social Adventure

If you like fancy social games, Gacha Life by Lunime has all the chances to become your favorite. This adventure game allows you to create a unique avatar and explore the boundless virtual world full of like minds. Everyone here loves anime, dressing-up games, and virtual communication. 

Graphics/Sound – 10/10

Gacha Life features a cute anime style of visuals with small charming characters. The entire library of avatars and items was created by professional Korean and Japanese manga and anime artists. The roster of custom clothes and other things it astonishing. You won’t find anything like this in other anime-style gachas on Google Play and App Store. Characters are also rather emotional, and you can assign their reactions on everything for maximal personalization. 

Interface and Controls – 10/10

Playing Gacha Life involves a lot of tapping around the screen, typing in the chat, and interacting with other players and NPCs. There are so many buttons for that! How good that they’re all big enough and places accurately to be easily approachable for thumbs. Due to a perfectly balanced response, dragging outfits in the studio, making clips, and chatting feels so much fun. 

Gameplay – 9/10

In Gacha Life, you can become any version of yourself. The avatar editor is so diverse! It lets you create custom outfits from thousands of editable pieces of clothes, including everything from hats to shoes and tiny accessories. Here you will also find bright costumes for any occasion. 

When all looks are ready, hurry up to the studio mode to express yourself. The Studio in Gacha Life includes a full-fledged animation editor in which you can implement your craziest ideas. It’s an excellent opportunity to tell other players about yourself, share your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, or some hilarious jokes. Moreover, you are free to export those clips to the Camera Roll and share them in social networks. 

Finally, in the Life mode, you can explore the vast virtual universe of Gacha. There you will meet thousands of alive players along with interesting NPCs. They’re always there ready to share their story with you, ask you question about your life and tell some witty jokes or puzzle you. Gacha Life is an excellent way to live a second life virtually and make new friends online. No matter who you are and what you do, you will find a friend here for sure. 

Lasting Appeal – 10/10

There are so many items to discover in this game that you’re likely to spend hours without boredom playing it. The player base of the current version totals over 15 million people around the world, and you can talk to each of them if you wish. Your native language isn’t English? No problem! Gacha Life supports chatting in over 20 tongues. 


I recommend you Gacha Life as it’s one of the best dressing up sims and social games in the gacha genre. You will be surprised by the amount of free content and the number of opportunities. There’s always something engaging to do here.

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