Amazing Frog?
Amazing Frog?
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal
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Amazing Frog?: Check Out the Most Fun Game of All Time

Amazing Frog? is a crazy action-adventure game with an open world developed and produced by Fayju in 2014. All you have to do is to control a frog that is insanely curious and loves entertainment. Your main goal in the game is an endless search for madness in a big city full of various easter eggs, unbeatable heroes, strange buildings, and more!

Graphics/Sound 9/10

The Amazing Frog game can not boast of splendid visuals and high-quality textures. However, it looks cool enough to provide you with maximum fun. Smooth graphics, non-glitchy animations, and bright colors will make you happy as soon as you start going for adventures. Have a desire to call friends and play with them? Then use Party Mode and add up to four homies, who are as crazy as you are. Steal cars, fly on balloons, play gambling. Look for cats that will help you, destroy, break, fly on planes, do a lot, and even more! Every move of your character is followed by sounds and specific noises as well.

Interface and Controls 10/10

Since the game is available for PC, the controls depend on the version you play. But, in any case, Amazing Frog? provides simple and intuitive game navigation that you can learn fast. Take a quick welcoming guide to master the controls, and proceed to have fun! By the way, the PS version is promised to be dropped soon.

Gameplay 10/10

Frogs do not live only in swamps but also in the city. The main character of this crazy simulator is proof. Once the frog founds itself in a huge metropolis with lots of entertainment, you have to help it in every possible way. But in the city, in addition to fun, there are dangers that can simply kill a curious frog. So, you have to be careful. For example, you can shoot in a dash or fly in a balloon. In this case, the mood of the frog will jump up, and you will earn points.

The frog is very dexterous, so it can easily jump from a tall building or climb onto an animal. You can also drive a car and masterfully control it. Move to different locations, look for insanity, and do not let the frog get bored. And don’t forget that there’s also a co-op mode, so you can bring friends for more adventures.

Lasting Appeal 9/10

The adventures of the small green friend are no doubt captivating. However, we believe that the game is more targeted to kids than adults. Of course, if you want to relax and play a simple game, Amazing Frog will be a great choice to go with.


If you are a fan of open-world games with plain gameplay, then we recommend trying Amazing Frog. The game provides a huge amount of fun, along with nice graphics and a straightforward interface. Amazing Frog? is a nice relaxing method for both kids and adults. Now the game is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS PCs and laptops, but the developers also promise to drop a PS version. Moreover, the game is on sale for $15.99, so you can try it for a rather pleasing price.

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