Useful TikTok Cyber ​​Security Tips

Many people use TikTok not only for entertainment but also for making money. A series of #BeCyberSmart digital tips helps TikTok users protect themselves from cyberattacks during the tax season. ByteDance developed it in collaboration with lawyers and accountants. Here are the main useful tips and tactics for dealing with online scammers.

Official data evidence the need for such a measure. Thus, the US Internal Revenue Service stated that in 2021, financial criminals caused damage of more than $10 billion. The main danger lies in the fact that they use various tactics to obtain confidential user information. One of the most common is phishing. Fraudsters send text messages, emails or offer to pay for some promotional product using a gift card. Official institutions will never do such things, so ignore these suggestions. Also, TikTok does not recommend opening suspicious links and attachments as it is also a popular trick of criminals. Look for all tax information only on the official website of the tax service.

Another tip is always to use a secure VPN and two-step verification, which, unfortunately, users often overlook. And, of course, you should not pay taxes using unsecured Wi-Fi in public places like a cafe or an airport. Scammers target such networks. TikTok also recommends storing and copying data on a secure cloud service or protected hard drive. If you have become a victim of scammers, be sure to report it to the relevant government authorities. It will prevent future crimes. If suspicious activity is detected, please contact TikTok's Safety Center. And don't forget to follow the #BeCyberSmart hashtag on social media for more helpful tips.

Have you encountered online scammers, and how do you protect your data from them? Please share your own recommendations with other users and us in the comments.


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