Until Then: The Visual Novel Redefining Teen Drama and Sci-Fi

The visual novel *Until Then* has been creating a buzz among fans of the genre, not just for its compelling story and characters but also for its innovative visual style. Set in an alternate universe version of the Philippines, this game invites players to step into the shoes of teenager Mark as he navigates a world that's narrowly dodged a catastrophic event. Mixing 2D characters with 3D environments, the game also incorporates social media into its plot, enhancing the realism and the player's connection to the storyline.

Mark's world seems normal at first glance as he deals with the typical teenage dilemmas of friendship, love, and self-discovery. However, a sequence of mysterious events soon disrupts his routine, making his life more complicated and intriguing. A pivotal encounter initiates a series of unpredictable events, leading to the disappearance of people around him and making memories unreliable. As the mystery unfolds, players are drawn into an adventure that requires piecing together a hidden truth before time runs out.

*Until Then* distinguishes itself by not just focusing on paranormal and dramatic elements; it also gives weight to daily teenage interactions, similar to beloved titles like *Life is Strange*. The involvement in Mark’s world goes beyond conversation; the game features engaging mini-games that add depth and variety to the experience. Whether it’s a rhythm game for piano practice or the quirky yet relatable flash drive insertion challenge, each task contributes to the immersion. Even day-to-day activities like the battle for the perfect fishball are depicted, adding layers to the storyline.

Beyond its first playthrough, *Until Then* offers a narrative structured for multiple walkthroughs, enriching the experience with each subsequent venture. Iterative endings reveal different facets of the world's intricate secrets, making the journey increasingly captivating. The in-game social media serves as an essential tool for players, providing contextual information about the political and social landscape that shapes Mark's experiences. This fusion of storytelling with digital interaction keeps players engaged and invested in discovering every detail.

Speaking of its success, *Until Then* has garnered an overwhelmingly positive reception. With a notable 97% positive rating from 279 reviews on Steam, it’s clear that players appreciate the thoughtful design and gripping storyline. Available for $20 and currently on sale at 10% off until July 9, it's an enticing opportunity for those who relish a well-crafted narrative. As more players discover what *Until Then* has to offer, it continues to redefine the boundaries of the visual novel genre, blending teen drama seamlessly with sci-fi elements.

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