Playdate’s First Store Update Introduces Four Games and Calculator

The new handheld gaming console, Playdate, is making waves in the gaming industry. Its developers recently announced an update to the store functionality that includes four new games and a calculator. This update is sure to bring more fun and convenience to users of the device.  At this point, the game library has 21 titles. This is the first game update so far, which gives hope that the game library will continue to grow. 

The updated Playdate store includes four new games: Core Fault, Gravity Express, Sparrow Solitaire, and Lifes Too Short.  Core Fault is a survival game. Gravity Express is a physics-driven flight game. Sparrow Solitaire is a mahjong adaptation, and the spooky puzzle solver Life's Too Short. The update also includes a scientific calculator - Crankulator, which is a useful tool for math students and professionals. 

The recent update to the Playdate store is sure to add more fun and convenience to its users. With four new games and a calculator, users can now enjoy a wide range of gaming experiences. The addition of leaderboards and new power-ups will also ensure that users get maximum enjoyment out of the games.  The games range in price from $1 to $10. All in all, this update is sure to make Playdate an even more popular device.

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