New Interactive Ads Coming to Twitter

The feed of users on Twitter will soon undergo several changes. To improve advertising attractiveness, Twitter Inc. is testing three new ad types: “Interactive Text Ads,” “Product Explorer Ads,” and “Collection Ads”. For now, it’s difficult to say how this idea will appeal to Twitter users. However, advertisers will definitely like all three new offers.

Interactive Text Ads. This form will allow marketers to highlight individual words in their ads to transfer viewers to landing pages. Such links will be made in a larger and bolder font. At the same time, Twitter representatives report that it’ll be possible to emphasize only up to three words in one ad, no more. Additionally, brands will be able to use ten colors to make phrases look brighter. Analysts believe that such a move can better attract users’ attention. Several companies are currently testing this new format.

Collection Ads. Brands can now combine their products into themed collections. Previews will appear below the main image, which users can view by scrolling horizontally. Moreover, each picture will allow you to go to the corresponding site or certain product page.

Product Explorer Ads. The update looks the most interesting. It will allow you to promote a product in 3D format. Users will be able not only to look at the product photo but also to twist it to view it from all sides. Similar ads already exist on other social networks like Pinterest or Instagram, but Twitter offers a fully interactive 3D feature. This format looks attractive to both sellers and buyers. The former will be able to present their product, while the latter will be able to consider its features better.

All ad types will be available on all versions of Twitter, including iOS and Android. How do you feel about such innovations? Do you find them helpful or, on the contrary, interfering with feed reading?

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