Genshin Impact Leak: Meet Character Kuki Shinobu

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games today. So, in just two weeks since its release, the RPG mobile version has earned more than $390 million. The popularity of the project contributes to constantly updated content. As of 2020, around 50 characters have appeared in Genshin Impact, including the exclusive hero Kamisato Ayato. But the HoYoverse developer does not stop there. In the upcoming update 2.7, two new characters will appear; one of them is Kuki Shinobu from the Arataki Gang. It became known thanks to a leak from the beta version, to be exact, a video with the character’s gameplay.

Game fans reacted very positively to Kuki’s animation. They were especially impressed by his third attack: she tumbles in the air, throwing five shurikens. While it is impossible to say that the gameplay will remain exactly the same, it is unlikely that the company will make significant changes. At the same time, some gamers speculated that Kuki Shinobu would be a supporting character and not a DPS (a hero that deals severe damage per second). It means that the company might not use her full potential. In their opinion, she should have five stars, not four.

The skills of Kuki presented in the video indicate the validity of such dissatisfaction. So, Elemental Burst builds a short-term barrier against damage, and Sanctifying Ring creates a ring around the character that expands and deals damage to enemies. The more HP Kuki, the more powerful the ability. Therefore, if you like the character, you can already pick up the appropriate artifacts and weapons for pumping it. And for everyone who wants to get a new DPS character, we advise you to pay attention to Kamisato Ayato.

Did you like Kuki Shinobu? Does she suit your tactics? And tell us in the comments which characters you would like to see in Genshin Impact.


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