Faruzan with Genshin Impact: Skill Review

Faruzan, the genius mechanic from Genshin Impact, is a four-star character that can seriously boost the wind element. With a bow in hand, Faruzan is traditionally known for knocking down enemies and pulling them to one point. 

This makes her an excellent support for the nearby five-star Anemo Wanderer, and she can also fit into the team alongside other attacking heroes of the wind element, such as Xiao or Heizo. In this review, we'll be taking a look at Faruzan's skills, how they can be used effectively, and how she can be an important asset to any Genshin Impact team.

Faruzan's primary skill is Windborne Strike, a charged attack that deals Anemo damage and pushes nearby enemies away. Her charged attack also creates a gust of wind that increases the movement speed of nearby party members. This makes Windborne Strike great for crowd control, as it can help keep enemies at bay while also allowing your team to get to safety.

Faruzan also has the Windfall effect, which creates a wind vortex around her that increases the Anemo damage of nearby party members and reduces the Anemo resistance of nearby enemies. This is great for increasing the damage of your wind-based attacks and providing your team with additional protection.

Faruzan also has a passive ability called Windy Blessing, which increases the movement speed of nearby party members while they are within her wind vortex. This makes it easier for your team to get around the battlefield quickly, and can be especially helpful when running away from dangerous enemies.

Faruzan is a great addition to any Genshin Impact team, as her skills can provide invaluable support both in and out of battle. Her Windborne Strike is great for crowd control, while her Windfall effect can increase the damage of nearby party members. Lastly, her Windy Blessing passive makes it easier for your team to get to safety quickly. Faruzan is an invaluable asset to any Genshin Impact team, and players should definitely consider giving her a try.

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