How to Find and Solve the Fallen Grave Puzzle in Wuthering Waves

The vast world of Solaris-3 in Wuthering Waves offers a rich tapestry of quests, mysteries, and puzzles waiting to be unraveled. One such enigma that has captured the attention of many Rovers is the Fallen Grave Puzzle. Nestled within the ruins and lore of the game, this puzzle isn't just a test of wit but a journey into the depths of the game's world-building. This guide will take you step-by-step through locating and solving this intriguing puzzle. So, let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Locating the Fallen Grave Puzzle

Locating Fallen Grave Puzzle

Before you can solve the puzzle, you need to find it. The Fallen Grave Puzzle is located in the southern part of Whining Aix’s Mire, below the energy field. The area is characterized by its ruined structure and haunting atmosphere. Once you navigate to this region, look for a Resonance Beacon in the Fallen Grave area. This beacon is your main point of interest, as it will lead you directly to the puzzle.

Pro-tip: Make sure to activate the beacon for easier navigation, especially if you plan to revisit this area later.

Step 2: Gathering the Key Repeaters

The key to solving the Fallen Grave Puzzle lies in finding and properly placing five Key Repeaters. These modules are scattered across the ruined structure, and locating them is the first major task.

Key Repeaters 1 & 2

The first two Key Repeaters are conveniently located in plain sight next to the puzzle itself. Consider these as your starting point.

Key Repeater 3

The third module requires a bit of exploration. Facing the puzzle, take the stairs to your right and follow them to the second floor. The third Key Repeater will be waiting for you there.

Key Repeater 4

For the fourth module, head to the opposite balcony from where you found the third repeater. This area might be a bit trickier to reach, so keep an eye out for any paths or platforms that can help you get there.

Key Repeater 5

The final Key Repeater is located beside the left staircase, facing the initial puzzle area. With all five modules in hand, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Solving the Fallen Grave Puzzle

Solving Fallen Grave Puzzle

Now comes the fun part - piecing it all together. The goal is to use the Key Repeaters to cover all the Encryption Blocks on the surface. This requires some strategic placement and the use of Levitators to move the modules into position.

Step-by-Step Puzzle Solution

Step 3.1: Placing the First Key Repeater

Pick up the first Key Repeater and place it roughly at the center of the puzzle area. This repeater should cover the three vertical Encryption Blocks.

Step 3.2: Positioning the Second Key Repeater

Lift the second module and adjust it so that it fills up the three secluded blocks on the puzzle grid. Ensure it's rotated correctly for optimal coverage.

Step 3.3: Using the Third Key Repeater

Move up to the top row and leave one row empty. Place the third repeater in the upper left corner, ensuring it covers all the Encryption Blocks in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Step 3.4: Fitting the Fourth Key Repeater

Your fourth Key Repeater should be used to light up the boxes at the edges, specifically targeting both the top and left sides of the puzzle area.

Step 3.5: Final Placement with the Fifth Key Repeater

The fifth and final repeater goes on the extended block at the bottom of the puzzle. This should effectively light up any remaining Encryption Blocks.

Step 4: Claiming Your Reward

Claiming Your Reward in game

Once all the Key Repeaters are correctly placed, the puzzle will be solved! As a reward for your efforts, you’ll unlock an Advanced Supply Chest. This treasure trove contains Astrite, Shell Credits, and Union Level, making your puzzle-solving adventure well worth it.

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Not only have you conquered a challenging puzzle, but you’ve also delved deeper into the fascinating lore of Wuthering Waves.

Additional Tips and Strategies

While the steps above provide a clear path to solving the puzzle, here are a few extra tips to enhance your experience:

  • Explore Thoroughly: Always take your time to explore the surrounding areas, as some puzzles and rewards might not be immediately apparent.
  • Use the Map: Utilize the in-game map to mark key locations and return points. This will make navigation much easier, especially in complex areas like Fallen Grave.
  • Experiment with Placement: If a particular Key Repeater doesn’t seem to fit, don’t hesitate to experiment with different placements and rotations. Sometimes, the solution is just a slight adjustment away.
  • Observe Patterns: Pay attention to the patterns formed by the Encryption Blocks. Recognizing these can often provide clues on how to position the Key Repeaters effectively.


Finding and solving the Fallen Grave Puzzle in Wuthering Waves is a rewarding experience that combines exploration, strategy, and a bit of puzzle-solving ingenuity. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll not only conquer this particular challenge but also gain deeper insights into the rich world of Solaris-3. So gear up, gather those Key Repeaters, and unlock the secrets that await in the Fallen Grave!

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