Mother 4 Rebrands as Oddity

A fan-made sequel to Mother 3, the Mother 4 fangame has seen some development over a couple of years — but we haven’t heard about it for a while. Finally, the development team has resurfaced with a new trailer, and it seems that the project is now called Oddity.

The Journey

Mother 4 was going to be a direct sequel to Mother 3, following the adventures of three young friends trying to save the world from mysterious evildoers. These kids have brought the evil men to life themselves, and now they have to find a way to banish them again. However, using the original premise of the Nintendo game was arguably illegal, and that’s probably why the developers have decided to rename their project and move it a little further from the original video game series.

The team promises a road trip packed with all kinds of quirky characters that goes around the world from urban streets to secret volcano bases. You will explore those locations, find new powers and abilities, and fight monsters that stand in your way. And it’s still going to be free, so don’t miss out.

Are You Waiting For It?

If you haven’t heard about the game altogether, be sure to check the trailer. And don’t forget to comment about what you have liked about it, too.

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