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Easily navigate our extensive website from our homepage to links our sitemap is highly accurate and detailed making your visit a positive one..
Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Nitrous Mustang

Cappo Racing is a team racing an X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Fox Body Mustang on Nitrous in the northeast at many events including cecil county dragways yellow bullet nationals, saturday street car shootout in the X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Class covering the Mid Atlantic States, New Jersey, Maryland


About Cappo Racing | Ford Mustang Drag Racing Team

Read about the competetive X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Racing team based in New Jersey. Drag Racer Dave Cappolina tells how he became involved in the drag radial, street car scene.


Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Race News

Cappo Racing will be featuring comprehensive updates of our racing in the various series that apply to our car and sponsors. A blog style format to keep you aprised of all our racing and news from the world of X275 and Ultra Drag Radial.


Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Mustang Specs

Detailed technical specifications about building a competition X275 Drag Radial Mustang including engine, transmission, nitrous, suspension, tires and wheels in 2012 Drag Racing.


Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial 2012 Race Schedule

Where you will find the Cappo Racing Mustang throughout the season in the X275 | Ultra Radial classes in the series available to us. We hope you join us, Drag Racing is a spectator sport !!


X275 - Ultra Drag Radial 2012 Rules

These rule are based on the X275 standards put forth by the team at X275.net, ours should not be used as the main rules but you should in fact check the series and track rules for 2012 as some rules may subject to track or series changes by administrators.


Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Multimedia Directory

Cappo Racing and friends have compiled some outstanding photos, photo galleries and videos plus high quality 1440X960 widescreen wallpapers and backgrounds for your viewing. This is our main gallery soon to be filling up with images, video and backgrounds of our Mustang. Enjoy, Open a gallery and view.


Cappo Racing | X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Sponsors Index

Racing an X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Car can become expensive, for this we have our sponsors to thank: DiSomma Racing Engines, Maaco Paint Delran, NJ., Wiked Designs NJ, Precision Transmission NJ, and Glenwood Performance NJ. for all their help in keeping our program running. Visit them from our complete Sponsors Index and Directory


X275 Drag Radial Racing Links Directory

A complete Drag Radial Links source for the best of the net, from forums, to racetracks and message boards including drag racing websites all of our links are the best you will find for Drag Radial Information


Contact Us At Cappo Racing X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Mustang

Contacts And Sponsorship Information For Cappo Racing's X-275 - Ultra Drag Radial Mustang "Sponsor A Race Car" Today.


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X275 - Ultra Drag Radial Series ~ Photos ~ Racing

  • X275.net

    2012 will be a great year for the X275 Drag Radial Series and Cappo Racing.

  • Cecil County Dragway Maryland

    Cecil County Dragways Street Car Shootout will be our first stop for some DR action.

  • Atco Raceway New Jersey

    Cappo Racing will compete heavily in Atco Raceways Drag Radial Schedule.

  • Raceway Park Englishtown New Jersey

    Raceway Parks Drag Radial Series should be exciting in 2012.

  • Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012

    We wouldn't miss the Yellow Bullet Nationals 2012 but stay on top of racing in their forums.

  • Radial Redemption At South Georgia

    Radial Redemption At SGMP is going to be a blast for our racing team.

  • Shakedown At E-Town 2012

    Cappo Racing will be gearing up for some Drag Radial Racing at The 2012 Shakedown At Etown 2012.

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